Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Livescribe's Smartpen

I had the opportunity last week to have a live demo of Livescribe's Pulse SmartPen from Peter Hewitt, who is an advisor to Livescribe. What a great technology! The Pulse has a form factor of a large fountain pen, yet it contains a camera, a microphone, memory, and a USB interface. Think of it as a pen that can also record a conversation, seminar, or lecture. It syncs your notes with the audio, so once you're finished taking notes, you can point to a line in your notes, and it will play back the audio from that

Peter and I recorded an interview, where we talk about Macadamian's business model and the kind of work we do. He uploaded the notes to Livescribe's web app, where you can listen to the whole interview and see Peter's notes. You can even search on the text. Remarkable!

I ordered a Pulse immediately after our meeting. I could see it being incredibly useful in transferring knowledge throughout a project. How many times have you passed on your notes from a meeting to a colleague, only to realize you have no idea what one particular point meant, even though you're the one that wrote it? With Livescribe you can go back and listen to the audio at the exact moment you wrote the note. I'm starting to sound like an infomercial for the Pulse, so I'll leave it at that. Go check one out!


Francis said...

The sound quality is remarkable. You were in a seemingly busy place. And he was writing with the pen, not pointing it at your face.

Is there another audio capture device or is it all in the pen?

Chris Gurney said...

That's pretty dang sweet! How much does one of these bad boys cost?

(Have you really been at Mac for 10 years? Wow.)

tcw said...

Want. One.

Tiffany said...

I love how you can sense the enthusiasm in your post! Francis - All the features are within the pen; I was surprised everything fit too.
Chris - 1gb is about 150, and 2gb is around 200 (1gb can record approx. 100 hrs)
I actually have a discount code, but I don't want to spam your post. Thanks for your article!