Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Brand - what's in a name?

I've been thinking about Brand a lot lately, and came across this great post "What's in a Name? Less than You Think" from the folks at the Silicon Valley Product Group. Brand is more than your name, logo, and color palette. In fact, I'd argue those don't have much to do with your brand at all.

Some of the best known brands in the world have mediocre names. IBM breaks the rule of never naming your company after an acronym. If you were starting a band, would you name it "The Eagles"?

Or how about Macadamian - who would name a company after a nut? ;)


Ifo said...

Hi Matt - I'm a long time reader and a firt time poster to your blog. Great stuff!

Regarding the Brand, one analogy that has always resonated with me is the Brand as a company's promise to its customers.

When perceived through that lens, the name, logo and supermodel endorsing the product become less important. What emerges, is the company's ability to consistently deliver the "promise". And from my perspective as a consumer, it's black and white. Either you did or you didn't. If you did, you've earned my loyalty and buying power. If not, ABC-ya.

~ Ifoma

ismart said...

Um... I just read the article and it states everything I blathered about far more eloquently.